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About us

Jeyam Foundation is a registered charitable trust (TN 20/2014) working towards poverty reduction, education and employability. We strive to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live.The completion of certain academic levels does not ensure instilling of employable skills amongst the youth. The community we operate in has a large number of students who discontinue their education, sometimes even during schooling years. They tend to get into petty jobs that have no guarantee of continuance.

  • Fashion Design Training Courses
  • Fashion Embroidery Designing Courses
  • Free Career development Courses
  • Art & Graft , Painting Courses
  • Nail Art Design Courses
  • Mehandhi Designing Courses

In order, to enhance the employability potential of such individuals, we set up Skill-Building Training Centers for Livelihood Education through Action against Poverty.The program will include imparting training in several pre-identified fields of business/ services. The comprehensive study modules will also comprise soft skill development. Our programs aim to empower the underprivileged youth with the right skills so that they gain suitable employment prospects. This will further help them to bag suitable job opportunities in emerging sectors.


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